Amazing things to do in Bohol

Bohol is a showcase of the entire island of Philippines. River cruises, incredible diving spots, pristine beaches, jungle adventures and welcoming locals – everything combines to makes Bohol and experience that you would look back to for the rest of your life. Though the island is most popular for its Chocolate Hills and the Tarsiers, we found there’s something more to the place than its Visayan glory. Make sure you check out a Bohol vacation rental beforehand and make your trip awesome! This is how we experience Bohol and you should too!

The Chocolate Hills in Bohol are popular for a reason. You certainly cannot miss it! It’s a natural marvel – an area of over 50 sq kilometers with hills of chocolate, 1,300 of them to be precise! Get to the viewing deck and make sure you can resist yourself from diving head first into the delicious colors! The Chocolate Hills are in their best colors in the dry summers. Bereft of greenery, it’s a brown spectacle.

Swimming with dolphins

This might sound to be a fantasy for most. For the adventure lover, scuba diving, kite surfing or snorkeling might be easy terms but diving with dolphins! No way! But, yes, there are several beaches around Bohol that allow you the experience. Get to Alona Beach and boat your way to the playgrounds of the dolphins. For catching a school of them, go early in the morning!

Hike across the Bohol Hanging Bridge

It is known to be among the most spectacular hanging bridges in the world and among the top Bohol tourist spots. Spanning 40 meters in length, the Bamboo Bridge over Sipatan River cannot be missed if you have been cringing about some adventure in your itinerary. In fact, the Bohol Hanging Bridge was named among the “13 Most Spectacular Foot Bridges” by CNN. The wobbly walk across makes some scream and some just breathe in the adrenaline! Whatever it is, don’t close your eyes, as the view from the middle of the bridge is heavenly!

Take the plunge

This is again for the adventure junkie. The canyon swing in the Danao Adventure Park is a 650 foot high ride. It’s a freaking awesome experience to take a dive into the canyon and the best part is the 200 feet of freefall after which you would be swinging between the humongous gorgeous rocks. This is a must if you have the heart for it. For others, there are other ‘less extreme’ adventures waiting in the Danao Adventure Park.Cliff Diving the Mag-Aso Waterfalls

A plunge of 25 feet before you hit the river against the backdrop of the Mag-Aso Waterfalls – this again is not for the light-hearted. Even the view is enchanting if you can keep your eyes open – blue lagoon, gushing white falls surrounded by an enchanting forests and a gorgeous mountain. A visit to the Mag-Aso Waterfalls is worth it, even if you are not planning to take the plunge.